Work Order Management

Customize and Streamline Work Order Procedures

Whether your work orders are part of an automated schedule or a request for service, TruAsset makes it easy to manage all aspects of your operations and maintain compliance. Automatically generate work orders from service requests, edit them as needed, flag work orders that are overdue or waiting for parts, link assets or workspaces to applicable work orders and much more. Our work order scheduling software gives your organization complete control and flexibility.

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Create, Manage and Schedule Work Orders in No Time

Managing your maintenance responsibilities is now a simple process with the hlep of TruAsset. Learn how our work order scheduling software handles operations from start to finish with a one-on-one demo today.

Schedule and Track Word Orders Seamlessly

TruAsset helps you manage activities across the numerous health facilities and departments under your purview. No matter what service requests ask of you, our work order scheduling software is equipped with the flexibility and ease of use your demanding schedule calls for.

Customizable Procedures

Customize procedures and service codes for work orders. Make updates once and apply to all relevant work orders.

Flag Work Orders

Our system will flag work orders based on your specifications such as when they’re overdue or awaiting parts to complete service.

Link Assets and Spaces

For improved tracking, work orders can be linked to equipment, specific spaces, purchase orders and more.

Guaranteed Compliance

Work orders will automatically close and reopen codes each month to stay in compliance.

Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Start by requesting a one-on-one demo with TruAsset today, and learn a better way to manage critical maintenance, biomedical and environmental processes at your healthcare facilities.

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