Asset Management

Your Comprehensive Medical Inventory Management Software

Across a healthcare system, there are thousands of unique devices and pieces of equipment, and it’s your job to keep track of everything. TruAsset’s comprehensive medical inventory management software gives you the ability to sort, filter and manage all assets in a central location.

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Store, Monitor and Keep Detailed Records of Assets

Asset and equipment management can easily become a fulltime job in hospital facilities. With TruAsset, you save time and resources while giving everyone the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Request a demo with us today to see our app in action!

Achieve Maximum Visibility of Assets

Whether you’re responsible for ventilators or hospital beds, TruAsset is the best tool for the job. Make sure all equipment is fully in compliance with safety standards, and maintain an exhaustive audit trail to demonstrate your continued compliance.

Searchable Database

With custom search fields, search for assets by device type, by facility, by work order, by project or by dozens of other parameters.

Asset Templates

With templates, you can ensure all like devices are entered with the same details. Rather than entering the same data multiple times, enter just once.

Flag Critical Items

Flag critical care equipment that could physically harm a patient in your system, so these items can be prioritized and better monitored.

Life Cycle Analysis

For each asset, keep a complete record of storage locations, regular and requested maintenance, assigned technicians and more.

Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Start by requesting a one-on-one demo with TruAsset today, and learn a better way to manage critical maintenance, biomedical and environmental processes at your healthcare facilities.

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