Project Management

Coordinate Projects From One Central Location

TruAsset’s work order maintenance software allows you to manage all of the activities that fall under a single project. Every work order - from plumbing to electrical - will be linked to their central project for improved coordination and progress tracking. Whether you’re beginning a remodeling, landscaping or other maintenance job, you’ll finally have a place to bring all the moving parts together, including budgeting, expenses, purchase orders and timeline.

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Organize, Coordinate and Monitor Projects from Anywhere

The ability to group work orders, purchase orders, personnel schedules, invoices and other information into one project simplifies planning and execution procedures for everyone involved. Learn a better way to manage projects with TruAsset by requesting a demo now.

Features Designed for Every Project

Our project management features give your teams the ability to customize their procedures while not compromising the simplicity and ease of use that a paperless system like TruAsset provides. Get the insights and information you need to ensure projects are running on schedule, staying in budget and fulfilling all compliance requirements.

Centrally Managed

Access everything about a project in one place: work orders, cost summaries, purchase orders, progress tracking and more. TruAsset is as flexible as you need it to be!

Work Order Tracking

All work orders pertaining to a particular project, no matter how dissimilar they are, can be linked together for better tracking and management.

Budgeting and Schedules

Keep tracking of labor and cost summaries in TruAsset. Never miss important information about a project again.


Your responsibilities take you to a variety of different locations, and TruAsset comes with you. Manage projects right from your tablet or smartphone.

Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Start by requesting a one-on-one demo with TruAsset today, and learn a better way to manage critical maintenance, biomedical and environmental processes at your healthcare facilities.

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