TruAsset’s CMMS Healthcare Software Simplifies Asset Management for Everyone

TruAsset was created specifically with healthcare facilities management in mind. We saw a need for a system capable of centralizing and running all aspects of maintenance management, so we decided to build it ourselves. Then, we went one step further and made it accessible for everyone whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. No matter where jobs take you, we want to make sure our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is at your fingertips.

We strive to support our users with features that will make everyone’s job simpler. As a result, we’ve built out an impressive number of capabilities including service request and work order management, purchase order and invoice tracking, asset tracking, parts inventory management and reporting, just to name a few. Our flexibility is unmatched by any other CMMS healthcare software. You can customize every part of your workflow, inventory and administrative protocols, allowing you to streamline the processes fundamental to high-performing operations. And, if TruAsset happens not to have a key feature you need, you can add a custom tab to suit your needs. We want to maximize functionality for every customer and ensure you’re able to use our application in your own way.

TruAsset allows Modern Biomedical to monitor facilities Nationwide for compliance standards and levels of completion in a way we were never able to do before.

Modern Biomedical and Imaging, Inc.

Trusted by Maintenance Teams Nationwide

Since we became a company in 2015, we’ve helped maintain compliance and optimize facilities management across the US. Our CMMS healthcare software is ideally suited for teams working within hospitals as well as contracted ISOs providing their services to many different healthcare systems across a region. Our scheduling, appointment tracking, field service reporting, contract management, preventative maintenance planning and customizable user dashboard keep you on top of all activities and ensure compliance across all areas of your operation. No matter how expansive or complex it may be, every part of your system is accounted for in TruAsset.

We find our home among maintenance teams, biomedical and clinical engineering technicians and environmental services professionals, and we do our best to provide best-in-class features for each of our customers. For maintenance teams, we’ve built out our work order and project management capabilities to help you coordinate your ever-changing schedules. For EVS teams, our customizable protocols and procedures ensure that regardless of department or facility, standards for cleanliness and environmental health are consistently met. For biomedical technicians, asset tracking is an organized, paperless process, and medical device testing is efficient, reliable and simple. No matter what unique demands your management processes ask of technology, TruAsset is prepared to meet the need.

Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

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