Comprehensive Equipment Tracking System for Enterprising ISOs

Whether you provide biomedical, maintenance or environmental services - or all of the above - to the healthcare industry, TruAsset helps you manage all of your activities in one convenient place.

As an independent service organization (ISO) serving the healthcare industry, you may have dozens of different locations that require your attention and services. TruAsset simplifies the complex process of building schedules, tracking assets and equipment, fielding service requests, completing work orders, ensuring contractual obligations are met and more. You can customize every part of your operations, including service request forms, workflows, procedures, contract templates, flagged items and behaviors, equipment grouping, vendor lists, preventive maintenance schedules – essentially, if you need it, we’ve made a place for it in TruAsset. With our software, you don’t need to sacrifice simplicity for ultimate flexibility.

TruAsset has been specifically designed to meet the needs of ISOs specializing in healthcare facilities management. Our equipment tracking system, integration with Pronk Safety Analyzer, OneSource centralized compliance library and advanced reporting tools enable a smooth delivery of services, all accessible from a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

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