Health Care Maintenance Software for Facilities Managers

Track and manage all of your activities on a single platform. TruAsset helps you handle everything from lawncare to basic safety checks on medical equipment.

Maintenance teams work day in and day out to ensure everything in hospitals is functioning properly. TruAsset allows you to streamline these processes and manage every part of your team from a central location. At a glance, you can track maintenance schedules, assign appointments, follow progress for regularly scheduled preventive maintenance and service requests, flag high-priority items and much more.

Regardless of the nature of your work, we want every user to get the most out of TruAsset. Customize your process for service requests, introducing as much automation as you’re comfortable with. Timers ensure guaranteed response times, and notifications keep everyone up to date. Once a request is made, our work order management system simplifies submission, assignment and completion of work orders. You can even group work orders with others of the same project and track expenses. You’ll always know when, where and what everybody is doing at all times. Our health care maintenance software compiles every aspect of your complex procedures into a single mobile system, allowing you to control timelines, purchase orders, personnel deployment and other activities from anywhere.

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