Medical Inventory Management Software for Biomedical Teams

You’re responsible for every piece of equipment that touches patients, so you should have an integrated system that takes its job as seriously as you do to help manage your responsibilities.

Clinical engineering professionals ensure the highest standards and best practices in medical device safety, security and functionality. Whether you work in-house or as a contracted third-party, TruAsset helps you manage equipment management activities across facilities, departments and teams. Our medical inventory management software takes care of the tedious work of tracking assets, maintaining proper inventory stock, fielding service requests, managing work orders, storing certifications and contracts and much more. We understand the importance of maintaining compliance with current rules and regulations, and TruAsset helps you accomplish this objective, all from a powerful, mobile system you’ll always have in your back pocket.

A key advantage TruAsset provides for biomedical teams is our integration with Pronk Safety Analyzer. Through our integration, data from calibration tests on medical equipment performed by Pronk is transferred to our system where it can be shared with applicable work orders and equipment records. TruAsset will even send out a prompt to Pronk when it’s time to test equipment. This feature and many more make us the ideal partner for clinical engineering teams who want to streamline their asset tracking and work order management.

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