Contract Management

Better Contracts Make Better Facilities

Whether you have contracts with healthcare facilities you’re responsible for fulfilling, or you need to track the contractual obligations of outside vendors, TruAsset’s contracts management capabilities ensure no part of hospital facility management is neglected. In our system, set up templates, define coverage type and responsibilities, add amendments and track expiration and renewal.

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Create, Modify and Store Contracts in TruAsset

Every partnership with a service provider or third-party vendor requires a contract. TruAsset allows you to manage these relationships alongside your maintenance plans and inventory databases. Request a demo today to learn how to bring all areas of your operational processes together into one mobile system.

Performance-Improving Features

Hospital facility management requires many different entities specializing in specific services from maintenance to healthcare technology to sanitation. Every partnership with a third party requires a contract to ensure responsibilities are shared and demands are met. With TruAsset, you can manage them right.

Contract Templating

For specific customers, set up templates to streamline contract creation and management.

Add Amendments

Easily generate amendments and forms as needed to receive customer approval.

Defined Responsibilities

For each contract, you’re able to define the types of coverage you offer and your responsibility to the customer.

Expiration and Renewal

TruAsset will keep track of expiration and renewal dates for you, and notify you when a deadline is approaching.

Facilities Management Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Start by requesting a one-on-one demo with TruAsset today, and learn a better way to manage critical maintenance, biomedical and environmental processes at your healthcare facilities.

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