Hospital Housekeeping Software for EVS Professionals

TruAsset enables environmental services (EVS) teams to more efficiently clean and sanitize healthcare facilities. Easily optimize your procedures, service requests and schedules from your tablet or smartphone.

EVS teams are responsible for maintaining a hygienic environment across all departments in a hospital facility, a job requiring a high degree of coordination and communication across departments and facilities. TruAsset gives you control over your entire EVS management process. Track service requests and assign them to the right team members, manage resources and procedures for work orders, follow schedules on an individual, departmental or facility level, track times and progress of tasks and much more. With hundreds of spaces to clean everyday, efficiency and effectiveness are key to success for EVS professionals. With a comprehensive system that allows you to link work orders, equipment, workspaces, purchase orders and team members together, you have ultimate visibility and control over your operations.

The best part of TruAsset, though, is its mobility and ease of use. No matter where you are, a plethora of features is constantly working right alongside you, ensuring high-quality performance and better cleanliness outcomes.

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