The big idea behind TruAsset came from the need to better adapt to the changing field of Healthcare and the governing agencies they fall under. There are rules these groups define that off the shelf software packages can not accommodate. This requires a combination of electronic records along with paper records to keep everything in compliance. This is where TruAsset comes in.

Unlike most Software Maintenance companies, TruAsset prides itself on exceptional service. We want to be a company that supports our customers and stands by them throughout the migration and the day to day activities they perform. The team at TruAsset should be viewed as a member of your team, there to help you get the most out of TruAsset and stay in compliance standards.


  • Scheduled Work Orders
  • Repair Work Orders
  • Work Orders on Assets or Spaces
  • Custom Searchable Data fields

  • Allow customers to sign off on work
  • Give direct reports of services performed
  • Linked to work orders and history of assets

  • Allow staff to open service requests directly without managing user credentials.
  • Link multiple work orders in a single location to track call outs
  • Set up notifications to alert when new service requests come in
  • Design your own custom tickets for special circumstances

  • Link service requests right in your daily Calendar
  • Set Appointments
  • Keep track of To Do items for yourself and facilities
  • As a supervisor manage your calendar and that of your team.

  • Life Cycle analysis
  • Parts and Labor Cost analysis
  • Custom Searchable Data fields
  • Search single facilities or your entire orginazation at once

  • Track Purchase Orders with built in Appproval levels and supervisor approvals
  • Easily track when parts arrive and verify they are used on work orders correctly

  • Enter invoices and link them back to the PO and Work Orders
  • Track costs across work order and projects

  • Schedules can adjust based on Supervisor Approvals and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) on Devices.
  • Central interface to manage schedules and recommended changes.

  • Track Rounds for Security Personnel and allow them to open tickets based on their observations.
  • Set up rounds for Clinical Engineering.

  • Alert everybody or set up escalating notifications depending on priority level.

  • Enter contracts, subcontracts and amendments and track expiration and renewals
  • Easily generate amendments and forms to get customer approval.

  • Enter projects and track work orders linked with labor and cost summaries.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Process flow for orders, receiving, and utilization on Work Orders.
  • PAR levels to trigger restocking.


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TruAsset allows Modern Biomedical to monitor facilities Nationwide for compliance standards and levels of completion in a way we were never able to do before.

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